• Geek & Sundry (Branding)

    Geek & Sundry (Branding)

    Geek & Sundry is an exclusive YouTube Channel. It was launched on April 2, 2012 by […]

  • Summoner’s Cafe Website

    Summoner’s Cafe Website

    Summoner’s Cafe is a League of Legends themed maid cafe. This website’s parent theme is Visia […]

  • NASA JPL / CalTech Data Visualization

    NASA JPL / CalTech Data Visualization

    I had the fortunate opportunity to be a part of NASA JPL and Cal Tech’s Data […]

  • Geek & Sundry (Website)

    Geek & Sundry (Website)

    Layout Design > Front-end Development This is a responsive website that will allow viewers to easily watch […]

  • The Next Wave

    The Next Wave

    The Next Wave is a campaign to increase tsunami awareness. The project was a 14-week TDS […]

  • Ten Ren’s Tea Time

    Ten Ren’s Tea Time

    Layout Design > Front-end Development Ten Ren’s Tea Time is a chain restaurant that has made […]

  • Kikka Sushi

    Kikka Sushi

    Layout Design > Front-end Development > Database (MySQL) Kikka Sushi is a Whole Foods supplier sushi company. The website includes a […]

  • Rock Jocks

    Rock Jocks

    Rock Jocks is a geek-culture movie starring Felicia Day, Justin Chon, Kevin Wu (KevJumba) with Andrew […]

  • YTF Animal Icons

    YTF Animal Icons

    YTF is made up of several YouTube stars including the 2nd highest subscribed channel Ryan Higa […]

  • Bits of Cakery

    Bits of Cakery

    Layout Design > Front-end Development > CMS (WordPress) Bits of Cakery is an upcoming cupcake company […]

  • Votz


    Votz is a startup online voting company. The logo is made up of a “v” at […]

  • lolent_thumbnail

    Lol Entertainment

    Layout Design > Front-end Development > Back-end Development (PHP) > Database (MySQL) Lol Entertainment is an event promotion company based in Los Angeles, […]

  • Arduino Alarm

    Arduino Alarm

    This is a custom-made wooden Arduino-based LCD alarm clock. The alarm clock has two pieces — in order […]